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What is the retractable security tether made of?

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The retractable security tether is mainly composed of plastic shell, plastic covered steel wire rope and spring. The product structure is simple and the service life is long.
NanChang Ruiwor Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of retractable security tether, anti theft pull box, retractable anti-theft chain, retractable coil box. The plastic shell is made by one-time molding of Taiwan chemical environmental protection non-toxic ABS. The conventional steel wire rope is galvanized plastic covered PA, or can be customized as 301, 304, 316, etc Wire ropes of different materials. It is composed of 49 7x7 strands, with a maximum expansion length of 5 meters. The maximum force can reach 2.5lb. Stainless steel 301 is used for internal winding, and constant force winding and S-shaped winding are commonly used. Generally, the life of anti-theft pull box can reach more than 100000 times, which is far beyond the products of the same industry.


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