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RW0700 Series Retractable Cable Mechanism (Square with Heavy Force)

RW0709 Square Heavy Retractable Cable Mechanism Plus Size Customizable Fixed Loop End for Retail Display Protection

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RW0709 Square Heavy Retractable Cable Mechanism Plus Size Customizable Fixed Loop End for Retail Display Protection

Retractable Cable Mechanism also known as Anti theft pull box, Anti theft Recoiler, it can be broadly used for point of retail product positioning, purchase security, wire harness positioning in electronic equipment, equipment counterbalancing, signage support, and product or parts feeding. For example, it can be used in supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart Electronic products display and some other daily products display.

RUIWOR RW0709 Retractable Cable Mechanism has a curve square shape attain a Nice Design, Plump and Smooth Box also cause a visual enjoyment, it also has many options on available retracting forces and cable length and diameter.

RW0709 Retractable Cable Mechanism Parameters

● Materials: Box is made of ABS plastic, with retractable spring built inside and stainless steel cable winding onto the reel inside.
● Box fixing way: Screws mounting (3M double adhesive tape is avaiable, the standard will be Screws mounting)
● Cable Exit Locations: Only one
● Box Size: 44.5x44.5x16MM
● Box Colors: Black (Customized color are avaiable, the standard will be Black)
● Available Retracting forces: 0.6LB (1/3LB, 1/2LB, 1LB, 1.2LB and customized force are avaiable, the standard will be 0.6LB)
● Cable Colors: Transparent nylon cover the stainless steel cable (Black nylon covered and customized color are avaiable, the standard will be Transprent nylon covered)
● Retractable Cable length: 95 cm (Customized length is avaiable, Max: 95cm, the standard will be 95cm)
● Cable Diameter: 0.9mm (0.6mm, 0.9mm and customized size are avaiable, the standard will be 0.9mm)
● Cable end details: 
5CM Fixed Loop perimeter (customized size is avaiable, the standard will be 5CM)

RW0709 Retractable Cable Mechanism Specifications

RW0709 Security Pull Box specifications (cable exit details, box size details)

For RW0709 retractable cable mechanism, Box color, Cable color, Cable diameter, Cable length,Retract Pull force are can be customized.
If the above RW0709 retractable cable mechanism can not meet your requirements, please return to the top and send us an inquiry to discuss more details.

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