• What is the retractable security tether made of?

    The retractable security tether is mainly composed of plastic shell, plastic covered steel wire rope and spring. The product structure is simple and the service life is long. NanChang Ruiwor Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of retractable security tether, anti theft pull box, re...
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  • What is the retractable anti-theft pull box?

    What is the retractable anti-theft pull box? Where is it mainly used? The retractable anti-theft pull box is a kind of anti-theft display props, which is mainly used in the open exhibition stand of the retail industry. It has the characteristics of anti-theft and automatic sorting. It is widely u...
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  • How to choose the factory of retractable anti-theft pull box?

    Before purchasing the automatic retractable anti-theft pull box products, users will consciously go to find the powerful manufacturer, because the powerful manufacturer can ensure that the product will last longer, so how to determine the powerful manufacturer of the retractable anti-theft pull b...
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